Spring Break Chronicles: Sandcastles, Tantrums and Final Boarding Calls


Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant realm of post-Spring Break travel, families went on a trip of peril and humor. This story isn't about battling monsters or living happily ever after. In my case, it goes something like this: checkered luggage, sandy feet, and the never-ending trek through the airport.


The Beach 

 Where parents come to relax and kids come to wreak havoc. Just when you think everything is perfect, someone inevitably gets covered in sand or accidentally swallows some water. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good beach day? The sand, the sun, the waves-perfection! And don’t even get me started on those adorable sandcastles. But let’s be real, eventually we have to leave and go back home. Buuut, if you’re like me and always planning your next trip, then every day can feel like a bright one! 


Packing Saga 

 Packing for home is like Tetris, but with souvenirs shaped like saucy sea creatures and sandy Speedos. Ever tried stuffing a shell collection into a tiny bag? It’s like like solving a puzzle blindfolded while eating spaghetti- messy and frustratingly hilarious! Brush up on your geometry to fit that last seashell! 


The Airplane Hustle 

 Bags are stashed in the trunk, fingers crossed for a drama-free trip. But wait, there's more! An airport obstacle course designed by a lonely game show host lies ahead. Buckle up for winding lines, strip searches at security checks and random gate swaps. 

The airport is like a playground of chaos where kids turn into unpredictable creatures. Toddlers take center stage in security lines with infectious tantrums while older kids demand immediate gratification from overpriced airport stores. The struggle is real at this crazy beehive called an airport! 



 When our brave families think they can't take anymore, the final challenge presents itself: boarding. This phase of the trip is a tricky exercise in hurry up and wait where a "boarding by group" becomes a free-for-all dash to the gate. Parents have to deal with boarding passes, snacks, and sometimes napping babies, all while keeping their sanity. 


As the plane leaves the land of sun and sand beneath it, there's a collective sigh of relief and nostalgia among the passengers. The din of the day drowns in homebound anticipation. 


Home Sweet Home 

On touching down at home, we meet a crowd of familiar faces and surroundings. The conveyor carousels offer the latest thrilling antics; however, the comfort of our beds makes even the longest waits worthwhile. 

There is sand that will always be left in the suitcase, as well as the laundry that is waiting for you, and there is a certain pride in it all. The Spring Break travel aftermath tested the families' unity but also made it stronger, using as substance the series of unfortunate circumstances that eventually turned into cherished memories. 

On their return, the heroic adventure they went through becomes an integral part of local history. Their experiences will be discussed via funny stories, proof of the resilience and humor that brought them to their survival. In the end, it is not about a destination or a journey; it is about cherished moments and laughter shared. 

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